Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Upgrade and Downs!

Our trip started out with a pleasant surprise. Upon arriving in Washington, the United agents told us that we were being upgraded to Economy plus (much more leg room), and they were putting us on a row with an empty extra seat. Grace was able to lie down to sleep, which was really nice.

When we got to Beijing we found out one of our bags (mother's) had been mistagged and sent to Texas. Our Beijing guide took Mother out to shop for a change of clothes and essentials. She is now nicely clad in a Mandarin silk-like jacket and pants. Unfortunately she bought white which is the Chinese color for mourning. The Chinese people we meet think she is on her way to a funeral. United notified us on Tuesday that they have no idea when her bag will be delivered.

Our hotel was full, so they upgraded us to a business suite. It is very nice with a beautiful view of the city.

All in all our trip was a mixed bag. The upgrades were nice but the lost bag weighs heavily on our minds.

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