Monday, May 7, 2007

A thousand year-old egg

As many of you who know me have heard, I have really not been that fond of Chinese food. This trip has really changed my mind. Most of the Chinese food we get in NC is over-salted and greasy. During my last trip there were few places westerners could eat, so my opinion did not change. This trip, however, I have been exposed to a whole new world of Chinese cuisine. Our group has many members who are of Chinese descent. They take us to these great places and order food for us to try. Last night we sampled a "thousand year-old egg." It was an ugly black thing that I would never have tried had it not been recommended. It is an egg preserved like we would when making kraut- salted and buried for a week or so. It was delicious.


wzloftin said...

What was it buried in?


Marla said...

Anne, Dianne, Grace, and Cate,

It seems like you have been gone a thoughsand years!!!!!! We are living each moment in anticipation of being there to welcome you back "home" in NC on the 9th of May. We have made it this long without any damage and I realize we are talking to the Queen of Patience; but, we also feel like we have acheived and developed this trait of patience successfully. Day after tomorrow you will arrive in the airport and we will be there with smiles on our faces, love in our hearts and and eyes full of happy tears that you are home safe and sound and finally we are altogether as a family.
We are thrilled that you were able to remain in China for this extra time to learn more of their customs, culture and lifestyle. Everything has worked out according to God's plan and it has been a blessing and gift indeed.
We love you all so very much-- Happy flying,
Poppy and Marla

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think you should bring some for next Pace potluck! (just kidding...)