Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Farewell, China

It is bittersweet as we prepare to leave today. Grace asked me, "Mommy, can't we stay a few more days? We have so many friends here." It is true--we have met great people here, especially this wonderful travel group. I will have to say that, as far as enjoying China goes, this trip has far exceeded our last. Things are changing and growing here so rapidly. It is really exciting to see. Last night we watched American Idol and Chinese Opera on TV. Simply everyone has a mobile phone. What a difference a few years makes.

However, the strain of the bonding process for three year-old and the "big sister" adjustment has begun to wear on Mother and me. We are simply exhausted and can't wait to be home in the care of Dad and Marla. I know that things will rapidly improve once a routine can be established. It will be far less exciting than seeing the Great Wall and taking Oaths at the US consulate, but we've got the memories.


Kelly said...

Have a great trip home! As tired as you are right now, you will cherish the memories of your girls in China!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne this is way over due, but congradulations on your new daughter! I too have a Qinzhou girl, 3 that we brought home in March. It is wonderful to see these beautiful children with families of their own. My daughter points to your daughter's picture and claims she is Min. Was your daughter Tony with Grace and Hope? Ruthie marctycam@yahoo.com