Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grace and Hope for Children

I found out today that Cate has been in foster care through an organization called Grace and Hope for Children. After the adoption is final they will send me records and information of her time in foster care including pictures.

In a wonderful twist, they are starting a new foster care program in Huaibei, Anhui where Grace lived. This orphanage is overwhelmed with caring for so many children. What a blessing to find out that this well-run organization is coming to help. I have set us up to sponsor a child for the Huaibei program when they get it up and running. Later I hope to sponsor a child from Qinzhou, Cate's orphanage as well. If you would like information about this organization please see the links section on this page.

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Catherine said...

How wonderful to be able to "get back" some of Cate's first three years by receiving information and pictures from the foster agency! And how fitting that the agency has "Grace" in its name.