Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Getting Ready!

I received the confirmation letter to adopt Min Qing He from Qinzhou China on March 6. This means I am officially approved and the clock begins to tick for our big adoption trip. We are now eagerly preparing to travel sometime in April. Grace is anxious to be a big sister and to show her little sister how to "Talk English" and "jump very high."

Min is is my new daughter's last name and Qing He means "blue or green lotus flower". She will be 3 on April 5th. I received her measurements today and she is 29 lbs, and 36 inches tall. She fits size 3T and a 7.5 shoe. She is from Qinzhou, Guangxi which is a port city on the China Sea near Vietnam.

Grammy (Dianne) is going with us. So we are all getting excited. When we return home Poppy (Guy) and Marla will come stay with us for a week to help us through the big transition to life in America.

Now all we have to do is WAIT, and go see the travel medicine doctor, AND WAIT, and reorganize the girls room, AND WAIT, and apply for Visas AND WAIT, make sure everything else is ready, AND WAIT. It may seem that all we have to do is making the wait easier but it is NOT!


Catherine said...

WAIT???? What if we CAN'T wait??? I can't wait to meet Cate and see the sisters together for the first time. Love, Grace and Cate's Fairy Godmother

Marla said...

Your Mom, Grandmother, and sister left today on their journey to China to meet you. All your family and friends left behind are praying for all of you for a safe and happy return to your new home. You will truly love your Mom as we all do. She is so passionate about having two daughters and you will live in a wonderful home with your new sister. It seems like a long time before we get to meet you, but it has been the longest time for your Mom. We will see you very soon. We all love you. Poppy and Marla